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The AL1 electric scooter is fitted with a 350W brushless motor, delivering extremely silent technology that requires minimal maintenance, with a very low level of wear and excellent performance at different speeds. The honeycomb wheels are tubeless and comfortable, without risk of puncture; combined with the front suspension, they absorb vibrations and dampen the unevenness of the road surface. The e-scooter is equipped with twin brakes, front and rear, and LED lights under the footboard, for safe driving both day and night. The entirely-magnesium frame ensures maximum lightness and usability. AL1 is supported by a user App, through which it is possible to monitor vehicle usage data, set cruise parameters and adjust the lights.


It is possible to choose among the following sets of colors:

  • All black
  • Black and white
  • Black and blue



Magnesium frame for maximum lightness and LED lights.



350W brushless motor: minimal maintenance, very low level of wear and extremely silent.



battery, that provides an autonomy range of up to 30 km on a full charge. The autonomy range depends on the weight of the driver, the conditions of the road surface, the external temperature etc. The battery level can be easily monitored from the display.



Solid and comfortable honeycomb wheels, without risk of puncture.

Lamborghini AL1

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