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Equipped with an upgraded battery, the CROSS-E SPORT electric scooter, bearing the Ducati Scrambler trademark, guarantees even higher performance in terms of range, as well as greater reactivity when starting off. It is ideal for those who need to move around the city with ease and are also looking for a vehicle with fast performance.


The character of the CROSS-E SPORT scooter is defined by the power offered by the 499 Wh battery and the 500 W rear brushless motor, which guarantee a range of up to 45 km. It is also easy to ride on uneven or dirt roads thanks to the fat wheels. Their above-average width makes it easier to negotiate small potholes or sudden rises in the road surface. The use of tubeless tyres eliminates the risk of punctures.

The design of the sturdy corrugated platform is made even sportier by the pixelated graphics, which recall the colours of a grey camouflage pattern. The profile of the scooter is original and does not go unnoticed, thanks to the front light consisting of two headlights, the angle of which can be adjusted independently. The LED lights are glare-free and provide excellent visibility, making it safer to use at night.

The purchase of the CROSS-E SPORT electric scooter includes one year of AXA Tutela Famiglia insurance.



The frame is made of very high-strength steel alloy. The sturdy footboard covered with anti-slip grip material ensures stability when cornering and adherence of the foot to the vehicle, increasing safety when riding. The footrest can be unhooked from the frame and lifted to allow the battery to be removed.



The scooter is fitted with a powerful 500W brushless rear motor that allows it to start up easily even on uphill stretches and to reach the maximum speed allowed by law of 25 km/h in a short time. This type of motor requires minimal maintenance and has a low level of wear and tear, it can handle different speed levels well and is silent.



The enhanced 48V, 10.4Ah and 499 Wh battery allows up to 45 km of range (the value varies depending on the weight of the driver, road conditions, outside temperature, etc.). The battery level can be monitored at a glance via the large 3.5'' LCD display.



Thanks to their above-average width, the "fat" wheels (110/50-6.5'') ensure a smoother ride even on uneven or unpaved stretches of road. Tubeless tyres present no risk of puncture.

Scrambler Ducati CROSS-E SPORT

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