Fiat e-Urban Woman bike is designed by Centro Stile Fiat and Compagnia Ducale.


IMPORTANT: by purchasing this model you are eligible to require an additional year of warranty for the battery INCLUDED in the price. The valid is offer until the 31st of December, 2021, in the EU.

During the check-out, please answer the related question. 


The Fiat e-urban electric bike is available for both men and women (the shape of the frame changes).


This bike relies on the DAPU 36v 250w electric motor associated with the removable 10.4 Ah battery inserted in the rack. The brakes are 180/160 hydraulic discs while the gearbox is a 7-speed Shimano Nexus. Extremely elegant is the matt white livery. 


The autonomy declared by the manufacturer amounts to 90 km, a really interesting data. Among the various accessories, there's the availability of the light system, the luggage rack that can also be used as a child seat, the stand, the mudguards, the bell.



Further information on the battery warranty: 


Please note that the battery is already guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase with a percentage value scaled according to the period of use. In the event of repairable defects, the battery is always repaired free of charge within the 24-month warranty period. Repair is carried out at the Service Centre and not at the dealer's premises. If the battery is not repairable within the guarantee period, the user is entitled to the following scale of reimbursement for a new battery: 

- within 12 months : 100% of the value (i.e. new battery free of charge) 
- from 13 to 18 months : 50% of the value (then 50% discount on the new one) 
- 19 to 24 months: 25% of value (so 25% discount on new).


We will apply an additional year on top of the warranty conditions offered by the manufacturer, which means that you will enjoy a total of 36 months warranty in case of repairable defects (which corresponds to 3 years!), and in case of reimbursement for a new battery 12 months are added to the periods specified above (within 24 months a new battery free of charge, from 13 to 18 months 50% discount on the new one and from 19 to 24 months 25% discount on the new one). 

The conditions for claiming the warranty are identical to those required by the manufacturer, to which we add the forfeiture of the warranty once 700 charging cycles have been reached. It is advisable to read the manual for more information on the requirements and useful advice for correct use, such as recharging the battery periodically (at least once a month), as the warranty also lapses if the consumer neglects it. The warranty expires after 36 months from purchase or after 700 charging cycles, whichever comes first.

FIAT e-Urban Woman

  • Suntour Nex 50mm suspension fork
    FSA headset
    Suspended seat post
    DAPU 36v 250w central motor

    Battery: 36V 10,4Ah removable inserted in the rack
    Hydraulic disc brakes 180/160
    Shimano Nexus 7speed rear derailleur

    Color: pearl white
    LCD display 8 functions
    Autonomy: 90 km
    Accessories: light system, luggage rack can also be used as a child seat, stand, mudguards, bell