Aprilia eSR1 is the electric scooter with an unmistakable sporting DNA, delivering a range of up to 25 km on a single charge thanks to the thrust of its 350 W brushless motor and 281 Wh battery. It is fitted with an extractable battery, which can be easily removed and recharged at home or at the office, while also making it possible to double the vehicle’s range simply by carrying a spare battery.


The driving experience is safe and comfortable thanks to the large 10” puncture-proof tubeless tyres, the extremely light magnesium alloy frame, and the braking system featuring a double electric front brake and rear disc brake. The equipment is completed by front and rear LED lights, which improve the rider’s safety in poor visibility conditions as well as in night-time and twilight hours. Last but not least, the handlebar features a large, built-in 3.5” LED display to manage all settings in a simple and intuitive way. The ultra-modern aesthetics and the graphics were designed by the Aprilia style centre, drawing inspiration from the most performing motorbikes which share their agility, lightness, and a touch of gritty sportiness with the eSR1.



Extremely light magnesium-alloy frame, with modern aesthetics and graphics designed by the Aprilia style centre. Front and rear LED lights ensuring maximum visibility.



350 W brushless motor requiring minimal maintenance and delivering the power to seamlessly tackle the unevenness of urban roads.



36 V, 7.8 Ah and 281 Wh battery to travel up to 25 km on one charge. The extractable unit allows for more convenient charging at home or at the office, making it possible to double the range simply by carrying a spare battery with you.



Large 10” wheels with puncture-proof tubeless tyres for a safer and more comfortable driving experience.



Tackling the unevenness of urban roads will no longer be a problem thanks to the gritty agility of the eSR1, which offers a maximum 25 km range on a single charge.



Removable battery, anti-puncture tubeless tyres, LED lights and large display to manage all features: maximum control and driving comfort.



Access the restricted traffic roads and pedestrian areas with a sustainable vehicle that can be easily used in combination with public and private transport. Ride safely… without giving up the fun!

Aprilia eSR1

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