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Aprilia eSR2 is instantly noticeable, thanks to its original design and graphics. The front is strongly characterized by the chrome plated forks of the new front suspension, which can cushion the blows and vibrations transmitted by the road surface, even on a bumpy one. The performance of eSR2 is always under control thanks to the introduction of an integrated app, entirely designed and developed by Italdesign, a global leader providing services for the mobility industry.

The App, already available on Google Play and App Store, is designed as a true “virtual garage” in which to register multiple products and from which to access technical support services in real time via WhatsApp chat. Thanks to the App, it is possible to stay constantly up to date on the main functions and performance of the vehicle, and monitor all parameters, such as battery charge level, distance travelled and the vehicle’s last known position.


Aprilia eSR2 is driven by a 350 W brushless motor that requires minimal maintenance and guarantees a very low level of wear. The motor is powered by a 288 Wh battery, which makes it possible to travel up to 25 km on a single charge. The driving experience is made even more comfortable by the use of 10’’ tyres, the front drum brake and rear electric brake. Road safety is also ensured by the LED lights, front and rear, which provide visibility at night or in conditions of poor visibility.



Wide 3.5” LED display to manage all settings in a simple and intuitive way


Front Suspension:

The double front suspension lowers the effect of driving vibrations on arms and shoulders, for an enhanced comfort.


Rear suspension:

The rear suspension, combined with the wide 10″ tyres with inner tubes, dampens road irregularities making for a more stable driving.


Connected driving:

The adrenaline of challenging the city and move swiftly overcoming any obstacle, always keeping your vehicle’s main performances under control.



Maximum driving comfort thanks to the front and rear suspension, wide  10″ tyres with inner tubes, double brake and LED lights.



Access restricted traffic roads and pedestrian areas with a sustainable vehicle that can be easily used in combination with public and private transport.

Aprilia eSR2

€559.00 Regular Price
€539.00Sale Price
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